Call for volunteers to help with car scheme

Cheshire Community Action's car scheme, which operates in the Chester area, provides transport to passengers who may be older, have a disability, or struggle to access public transport where they live. It provides affordable transport to passengers who need to visit family, friends, shops, doctors, dentists and hospital appointments.

To ensure its continues success, CCA is calling on local people to get in touch and register their interest to help with the scheme. The scheme relies on local volunteers using their own vehicles to transport passengers. All expenses are reimbursed and all bookings are handled by CCA. Existing volunteer drivers frequently report how much they benefit personally from being part of such an important service.

Tony, a volunteer of the Chester Car Scheme said:

“I first started as a volunteer driver in March 2007. My wife, who suffers from Alzheimer’s had just been admitted to a care home. The fact that I am now able to give back to others the help that I received in the past from various agencies, makes my life worthwhile again. I have met a lot of people, formed some friendships and helped many people in need. The scheme is a real lifeline to all who use it which helps me to cope too. Long may it continue!”

One of the existing passengers for the Chester scheme said:

“I am an 82 year old widow who lives alone with no family members living close to me. I have suffered two minor strokes and have a heart condition. I use the car scheme for lifts on a regular basis. With their help I visit my GP, dentist, bank, local library and the shops in town, it also enables me to meet up with friends. With their support I am able to avoid becoming housebound, as I am unable to walk far.”

Mark Reading, Chief Operating Officer at Cheshire Community Action said:

"We know from experience that community car schemes provide much more than just ‘a lift to the shops’ – they provide a lifeline to older and vulnerable people by reducing social isolation and helping them live more independent lives. We cannot offer the service without the help of local volunteers.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer driver, please call Rachel on 01606 350042 or use our contact form. 

You can see a video about our car schemes on the Community Transport page.