We are continually looking at ways to measure the impact of our work and that of our partners. We do this for a number of reasons (not an exhaustive list):

  • To show our funders why investing in us and the wider 3rd Sector is a good thing;
  • To see what works and what doesn't;
  • To ensure we reach the people that need reaching;
  • To continually try to improve the services we deliver.

How do you measure our impact? What follows on this page is a collection of reviews, case-studies, evaluations and reports related to the activities we undertake. As well as collecting the usual quantitative data, we encourage qualitative data collection. We do this by using self-determined measurements in areas such as health, well-being and independence. We use social return on investment tools that highlight the cost savings, where they have experienced positive change.

Ultimately, we want to make peoples life's better, we want stronger communities that are resilient and we want everyone to have fair access to services and avoid the damaging and costly effects of social, physical and digital isolation. 

Take a look at the great work going on in Cheshire West. Adult Social Care End of Year movie.