Best Kept Village

After taking a year off , The Best Kept Village (BKV) Competition is back.

Formerly known as the Community Pride Competition, the BKV was initiated in 1957, Its aim is to develop and highlight a sense of pride amongst local people throughout Cheshire, which now includes Warrington and Halton. Since then the number of entrants to the competition has increased to nearly three times the initial number. The competition has also diversified its outlook from the primary focus on the look of the village to a broader outlook to encompass key themes that increase sustainability and quality of life for residents of the parish, village, or town.

The Competition exemplifies the community spirit in all the villages. It demonstrates and emphasises just how much voluntary work is undertaken to keep Cheshire a beautiful and attractive County. The competition encourages villages to improve every aspect of village life which is under threat in so many different ways.

This competition would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of Essar Oil UK and the dedication of  volunteer judges who come from all over the County and spend considerable time visiting the towns,villages and parishes who enter the competition.

Entry into the competition closes on 6th April 2018, if you need further information please contact one of the following members of staff.


Best Kept Village